How to Tackle a Stolen Rental Car

What would you do if your rental car is stolen? The situation is stressful enough to confuse you. Since this is an accidental situation you might not know how to tackle it. Being a reputed car rental service, we are glad to share some tips here.

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This post shows you what to do if your rental car is stolen. Rental cars are best when you are in a foreign place. It gives you tremendous ease while exploring a new place. However, if the vehicle goes missing, you need to take appropriate steps. 

Steps to Take When your Rental Car is Stolen

Instead of panicking, just follow a set of procedure to resolve the issue. First of all, take the below steps immediately as soon as you know the theft.

  1.                           Contact the nearest police station and file a complaint about the theft. Explain the details and exact location of the theft to the officer. Also, report any other belonging you left in your car.
  2.    Call your car rental service immediately and inform him. Intimate him that you have filed a police complain. Get registration details of the vehicle and inform it to the police.
  3.          Get the details of the insurance from the car rental company. Ask him to take necessary steps with    regard to insurance. The insurance restricts the responsibility of the customer in the case of theft.
  4.   Complete the theft form and other formalities in coordination with your car hire company.
  5. Request your car rental company to give you vehicle in replacement without additional cost to you.
  6.    If any pricey belonging of yours is stolen with the car, contact and intimate your travel insurance agent.

The best way you can make the things simple is to confirm insurance with the travel company in advance. Always opt for insurance when you hire a car. The uninsured rented vehicle may give trouble in the case of theft and accidents. 

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